White Wine ‘As Healthy As Red’

It’s already been established that red wine is healthy. But a recent study says that white wine is just as good for you.

Rats given a tipple of Italian white wine with their meals suffered less heart attack damage than animals allowed only water or raw grain alcohol.

The benefits were similar to those seen in animals fed red wine, or its “wonder” grape-skin ingredient, resveratrol.

Red wine, and resveratrol, have often been cited as the cause of the “French paradox” – the fact that French people have low rates of heart disease despite eating a lot of fat.

However, white wine, made from the pulp of grapes but not the skin, contains no resveratrol. Lab tests suggested that white wine protected the mitochondria in heart cells, the rod-shaped cell structures that act as energy-generating “powerplants”.

Molecular biologist Dipak Das, from the University of Connecticut in Farmington, US, said: “The flesh of the grape can do the same job as the skin.

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3 Responses to “White Wine ‘As Healthy As Red’”

  1. Tim Pearson Says:

    This could explain why Italian’s in white wine growing areas seem to live to a ripe old age. A combination of wine (white and / or red), good olive oil, good food produced locally, fruit, veg and salad produced locally and last but not least…….lower stress levels.

    Again what needs to be stressed here is that moderation is the key because too much alcohol consumed regularly will result in liver damage.

  2. Tim Pearson Says:

    Have a look at this link for a more ‘scientific’ answer to the question of the health benefits of wine. I retweeted this article on Friday, it originally came from my daughter, Kim, who is a Nutritionist.



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